The deck connecting Tower B with the South Building enables direct access from JR Osaka Station and Hankyu Umeda Station. Also as an office tower located at the approximate center of GRAND FRONT OSAKA, Tower B provides links to Knowledge Capital, the core facility of GRAND FRONT OSAKA, as well as hotels and Shops & Restaurants.

Bブロックサウス・オフィスエントランス 完成予想図

Bブロックサウス・オフィスエントランス 完成予想図





Three elevator banks are provided for Tower B offices, to support the needs of all tenants regardless of the floor space used.



Dedicated entrance halls for offices on the 1st basement, and 1st and 2nd floors are provided. Comfortable circulation is ensured by the shuttle elevator which offers smooth access to the 9th floor Office Lobby.



地下3階の駐車場エントランスから VIP用エレベーターで、各オフィスフロアへ直通。

There is a porte-cochere to meet cars at the North Building Main Entrance (1st floor) and Tower B Parking Area entrance (basement 3rd floor). The VIP elevator carries your guests from the basement 3rd floor directly to your office floor.

VIP用エレベーターホール (地下3階駐車場エントランス)完成予想図




The Office Lobby is located on the 9th floor. This vast double-height space soothes the spirits of office workers' with its bright, open space and view of the rooftop garden overflowing with greenery. With its interior design of stylish granite, the lobby provides a high-status space for meeting guests.


Bブロック屋上庭園・9階シャトルエレベーターホール 完成予想図


A rooftop garden is also provided in the North Building. Surrounding the Office Lobby, this green garden provides a relaxation space for office workers. Relaxation time spent at this open rooftop space is a rare luxury that you cannot enjoy anywhere else.




The area of offices in Tower B is 2,384.08m2 – 2,735.28m2 per floor. These offices are laid out on an open, columnless space with a 2.8m high ceiling and 2.78m high sash. The depth of the office rooms is from 15.3m to 19.8m, enabling a free office layout according to your working style, supporting the creation of a comfortable office that improves your business efficiency. Each floor has a rest space with a view and various amenities to benefit workers.


A 600mm x 600mm grid ceiling system is adopted. Because facility units such as lightings or ventilation outlets are arranged in a grid; disruption caused by facility installation or relocation work when partitioning rooms is minor, enabling flexible responses to office layout plans.




In this example plan, 418 desks for general employees, 6 executive rooms, 15 meeting/reception rooms, 1 presentation room, and 25 meeting spaces are provided.


In this example plan, there are 168 desks for general employees, 20 personal booths, 3 executive rooms, ten meeting/reception rooms, and 20 meeting spaces. 2 presentation rooms are also provided.



快適・環境対応 「CASBEE(建築物総合環境性能評価システム)」において環境性能効率の最高位「Sランク」を取得しています。


In addition to the center void, there are corner voids at four corners of the building, improving the air supply and emission capabilities of the natural ventilation system. A natural ventilation system caused by stack effect, enabling natural ventilation on days of weak wind, is adopted. The system also has a hybrid mode of using normal air conditioning and natural ventilation together. Also, high performance low-E glass is used to improve the heat insulation and sunray shielding performance of the windows.

自然換気システム・コーナーボイド・Tower B 基準階・事務室 完成予想図



Divided into 6 zones per floor, the air conditioner of each zone can be switched on/off and temperature settings can be freely controlled. Airflow quantity can also be precisely controlled by 26 zones per floor at a variable air volume (VAV). This reduces waste and enables efficient air-conditioning performance.



An advanced earthquake resistant structure is adopted to ensure high safety in emergencies . An earthquake resistant brace is installed within a core frame firmly supporting the building in the center of the office space. Also, highly rigid building-supporting foundation structure has been realized by driving robust cast-in-place concrete piles into the solid sandy soil layers that are deeper than approximately 30 m and 40 m respectively under the ground.


Tower B 制震構造概念図


A space for an emergency generator (expected: maximum of 1,000kVA x 2) and an oil tank (6,000 liters x 2) is secured for tenants.



Including a highly reliable spot network power receiving system with three distribution lines. Even if trouble occurs to one of the three lines, it is possible to continue receiving power via the other two lines.


Card readers are standard features installed in one place per assumed tenant area. Security doors (optional) can also be installed between the elevator hall and corridor on each floor to prevent unauthorized people from entering. Security levels can be selected according to the needs of your business

Tower A 制震構造概念図

Site area: 22,680.05m2※for the entire North Building
Total floor area: 295,511.60m2※for the entire North Building
Number of floors: 38 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, 2 floors penthouse
Main use: Offices, Shops & Restaurants, Knowledge Capital, car & bicycle parking areas
Top height: 175.21m